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Diana Frese
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Re: A response to the articles by Stanley Pranin - Martial arts in a state of decline

Who mentioned Socrates? I've been reading too fast. But sorry, guys we're like totally snowed in here in New England and I'll probably inflict more of my outdated (or not?) memories on whoever is willing to read them for the rest of the day unless I decide to go walking around with the aid of a couple of cross country ski poles.

(Yard not really big enough to ski)

Am I not in a Vulcan mind meld with at least some of you, though?

Socrates, who even entered modern American culture in the excellent teen age movie, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.....
Popped into my head as I dozed, wondering if I would again enter the fray of Aiki Web controversy.

Tony as Socrates who walked around Athens asking questions and, (shudder) making people think.

and then hubbie dear, whom I've known for thirty years and can safely use the cutesy expression worthy of a true bunny rabbit....goes out the door to catch the bus to work at the bottom of the hill.....says oh wow so that's Tomiki aikido, but why does it remind me of what I know of Yamada Sensei, then he says, but don't get in trouble for quoting me.

But I have to. I just posted on another thread that in the old NYAikikai there were IP and kokyu ryoku and it was and I'm sure still is a very solid dojo.

My husband is fascinated by judo and delighted to know by long distance someone whose Aikido is descended from Tomiki.

Yes, by all means bring up the old threads for the new people and for those like me who were asleep in caves or tied up with other aspects of daily life during the years the articles and posts were on these topics.

Please indulge this curmudgeoness, for one.