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Keith Larman
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Re: Elbow Power

Yeah, I've been experimenting with resistance bands set up all over the place. Changing angles, directions, etc. really messes with my ability to keep "things together". I'm was also surprised at how tiring it is, albeit in a weirdly different way. Then practice with my suburito. Then some kettlebell work daily, but that's physical therapy for a damaged back although I find I can do things differently and start feeling them differently. Then after a while I started to feel like the whole world can be a gigantic playground. Hanging on some stuff, pulling on others, pushing in to a door jamb feeling the connection from toes to hand, etc. I sometimes actually do feel like a kid in a toy store. With free toys. It has been fun...

I just tell my wife I'm doing modified pilates to keep my damaged lumbar spine healthy. "Riiiiight..." she says as she walks away.

Gardening just leaves me crippled with back pain. Still haven't figured out how to do much of that without paying for it later.

Oh, and forgot to add, a couple new students who are willing to let me experiment and grab/pull/hand/drag me around. They haven't been "biased" yet by too much ukemi training and they're willing to push me to failure. Love it...

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