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Dear Greg,
Possible the same quote /article in both books. I have the 5 volumes of Saito Sensei ,Heart and Appearance ,Saito Sensei again/ Budo and the line drawings of waza in a early volume of O Sensei.This last one is unlike most of the later stuff.Maybe Daito Ryu based? Have not got it at my hand right now so I forget the full title-maybe Budo Renshu??
Cheers, Joe.?
Hi Joe, there really is not much in the book I referenced other than Saito's use of the term "Elbow Power" instead of "Arm Power" that Stevens used in his translation for the same part of the original Budo book by Ueshiba. And as Dan already mentioned, the technique Saito used in his book is simply a jujutsu movement using the elbow as a point of contact; this is not what Ueshiba meant as elbow power nor what Dan is talking about either.

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