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Re: Agreement

George S. Ledyard wrote:
It is absolutely true that a number of teachers I know say that they weren't the stars in the dojo. That they had to work harder for everything than some of the whiz kids and consequently, thirty years later their practice is vert deep and the whiz kids are long gone.
It's certainly good to have long term goals as long as one has realistic short term goals that will eventually result in getting there.

If a new student says they want to become a teacher and have their own dojo, then I would simply remind them that they need look at their schedule, commit themselves weekly to a minimum number of classes and to being at all the seminars we have. Every week take a quick check and recommit to one simple thing, go to class even when they don't feel like going. There is certainly more than can do but that's really the heart of it.

The big picture tends to take of itself then.

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