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Jorge Garcia
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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
Related questions.

In various organizations how important is the Fukoshiodin/Shiodin designation especially with respect to opening up a dojo?

Do you get Fukoshiodin before or after you start teaching on your own?

Is the any benefit to having these titles?

In the USAF, a teaching title isn't required to open a dojo. In The AAA, they have many teaching titles that the other groups don't use and you get your first one as a brown belt so by the time you open a dojo, you will have one but I haven't noticed that a teaching title gives any benefits besides the ability to recommend for rank up to two ranks below your own. Having said that, they don't like you to do it. A 6th dan in the USAF once told me that he could recommend black belts ranks but it really had to be an emergency because they wanted to see those people in the training camp befroe the test if at all possible.

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