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Dan Richards
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Re: Understanding "decoupling"

Hi Scott, this is simple mechanical energy. Basic physics. Nothing more. Nothing spiritual about it. No bio-mechanics involved.

You bring up a good point about topology. Even just the fact that it's not clear is enough for me to chuck it out. How about the word "model."

OK, here' s rough draft of the quicky "elevator pitch."


All we're going to do here is take an already existing drum - our bodies. Tune up the entire skin - as a single skin - like a drumhead. From that - the body resonates more clearly. We then decouple the resonator through the feet (mainly the toes) - to allow for draining energy into the ground. And the last bit is to work with the torso - which is the main resonator. The outer part of the torso/shell resonator is the circumference of the hips in rotation. The inner part of the torso/shell is circumference of sacral rotation. The inner part is also known as the core. That inner core is the same as a magnet on a speaker. We then - with some practice - build a unified body that can be efficiently move from the core.


We put these simple parts together, in an easily understandable model that people can get - without any confusion - and start using - and getting results.

These posts are me riffing off some notes, and wanting people to come along and help me whittle it down to something simple and easily understandable. Your comments are exactly what I'm looking for to tighten this all up.

I like what you wrote on the last paragraph. I want to chew on it a bit, and I'll reply to that in another post.
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