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Re: Spiritual Power

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
In a general way...yet a teacher that says this technique is wrong and my way is right makes me uncomfortable. I think correct feeling can be achieved with both techniques.
Ahh. Just got back from training. Mary I get where your coming from and totally agree. In fact I love that concept come discipline.

Tonight was a night of drills. 4 hrs.of drills. They included aikitaiso exercises while someone is holding you or trying to stop you. The aim is to be able to do them anyway no matter what and just keep flowing.

Then drills on doing any technique as one motion. Drilling the concept of one. Any failure means you went into more than one. A fine drill. May I say that when you see what you are going to do as merely one motion, no matter how many parts it has to it, you feel correct feeling.

Then drills on zanshin. An excellent night if I say so myself.

A nice side joke here too. Just when you have been talking about power along comes a friend bringing a fiend of theirs asking if he could experience what we were doing. In walks a man mountain wanting to know what this non power was all about just out of interest. Ha, ha. Great fun.

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