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Re: Spiritual Power

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
That's Stanley Pranin's voice by the way.
What he is doing is very simple and easy to explain, Graham. Anyone who can do that can explain it in simple terms that require no spiritual understanding whatsoever. Since you claim to understand them...........

Of course the million dollar question is why are these teachers not teaching it? That stuff is baby steps and should have been explained sixty years ago so that the students moved on and demanded more.
And you still don't understand what power means. You're continually thinking of it in sports or Western thinking and not in Japanese or Chinese sense of power.
Dan. He explained it his way. No doubt you can explain it your way. I can explain it my way.

As far as with no spiritual understanding whatsoever then I that point I couldn't disagree more. On the video he relates it to spiritual so at least that's two of us.

I fail to see how you believe I think of power in western or sports terms but there you go. This thread is all about letting go of such western and sports views of power.

As far as japanese sense of such I have much understanding. Now more to the point on this thread I am giving my view not based on what anyone else says be they western, eastern or alien.

The million dollar question.... Ah now you have my interest. I have assumed that in the Hombu Dojo for example it would be standard. It appears maybe I was wrong but that's maybe.

More importantly though is Over the years that same question began to form for me. Do you think because I don't shout about it then I don't question why many don't understand more?

How many Aikidoka have I met over thirty years? How many fellow martial artists have I met and trained with or helped? How many in life situations have I entered with handled with Aikido in that time? But how many could do what I do? Not many. Thus for me a million dollar question it was but is no more. For I have nothing to prove and plenty to offer.

I still would like to see more teachers like in the video though as would you, I think.

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