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Mel Barker
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Re: knife defenses

Hi Eric,

I like that idea of "knife take-aways". Here are my thoughts.
1. Knock the knife out of ukes hand immediately.
This seems problematic. Our sensei often accomplishes this when demonstrating a hard response on a gokyu, but the advanced practitioners can slice him up quite easily.

I guess I'd ask you how often do you practice knocking ukes in your dojo in regular practice to become accomplished at it.
2. Take the knife away as soon as possible during the technique.
Sounds good to me! Just don't let the goal of getting the knife deter the goal of unbalancing and securely locking uke.

We do this on shionage's so as to control the knife soon, and prevent uke from landing on it.
3. Take the knife away during the pin.
Depends on the the technique. On techniques where you can't maintain control of uke with one hand, i.e. ikkyo, gokyo, iriminage... this becomes a necessity.

Mel Barker
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