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Re: Baseline skillset

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Yes I am stating I learned it from Japanese sources
I didn't bring up the Chinese method except to say a teacher I know was listening to me describe what I was doing and he used the word "full" which I jumped on! It was perfect for what I was trying to say. It is part of the breathing of in/yo ho. Every other referrence to things "Chinese" came from you.
What I don't get is we have been discussing my way as being different from the framework, stretched method you use. I don't do that except to teach new guys some basics to midlevel stuff.
But now you just swtiched and told me what -I- am doing is Chinese.
I have no idea what you're saying, other than the implication that you're somehow "advanced" and something about "stretching the body" is only for beginners up to moderate level. So much for suspending the head in every internal martial art I know of.

The point is this. You claim and infer that you have advanced skills. You don't provide the names of who you got these skills from, but you are definite that you got them from someone (see above quote). I politely asked where. That's a fair question, but it didn't get an answer.

You've spent a lot of time focused on the idea that Ueshiba learned his stuff from Takeda and that Ueshiba's claims to greatness need to be looked at closer because everything he got was from Takeda. You seem concerned about setting the record straight, when it comes to Ueshiba, so how about playing by the same standards yourself?

I listened to your comments on "slack" and told you that they sound more like "jin" to me and I asked where you got your stuff from. Now we're at your statement that you learned it from some Japanese. It's unlike anything I've ever heard from Japanese (and I started out exploring these skills in Japanese arts, so let's get off the idea that somehow what I do is only Chinese), so I asked questions. Again, it seems that when the questioning gets tough, the attacks start. I can point you to archived posts of yours where the same thing has happened.

What's so hard about explaining things simply? Who did you study with that taught you these things, Dan, if they're "Japanese"? If they're your take on things, why not just say so? Once you make the claim, why get upset about the public questions and start dragging in irrelevant comments about all the people who like you or have been polite to you? Surely someone as advanced as you claim to be will have no question with the simple questions I'm asking; my ante has been paid by the extended descriptions of how to do things, as are a couple of other peoples'. Or is this something where readers are expected to just accept each person's opinion without question.... sort of like ghost stories around the campfire?


Mike Sigman
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