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Re: Baseline skillset

David Orange wrote: View Post
Chris, are you deliberately forgetting how many times I have quoted Minoru Mochizuki's exact definition of aiki? "aikiis the ura of kiai."
Hi David,
Can you explain that in more detail? The aiki is ura of kiai?

David Orange wrote: View Post
I have never defined aiki as "avoidance," but I have said that children use aiki when they avoid an adult's trying to control them. Avoidance, itself, is not necessarily aiki but it can employ aiki. In the child's case, they use the ura of the adult's strength by going instinctively to its weakest point without having to be taught how to find that weakness. They know inately because it is part of the human nervous system.

It has little to do with skeletal movement and everything to do with the instinctive use of the weakest part of an adult's efforts.
Hmmm ... okay, IF the main purpose/definition of aikido is using the inherent weak part of effort, then there might be something to your theory. IMO, using the basest sense of jujutsu or sometimes parts of aikijutsu, then you might have some working theory. Throw in Jung's collective consciousness and a few other odd bits and pieces and maybe.

But, I have a different view of aiki-do now. One in which your theory doesn't hold much sway. Structure has a lot to do with aiki. Weakest parts of an adult's effort does not. In other words, aiki works with either the strongest part of an adult effort or the weakest part of an adult effort. Doesn't matter. Not being sarcastic or anything here David, but think about that.

If you do make it to Maryland, we really should get together. In person is communication. This stuff here (AikiWeb, BB, emails, etc) is not.

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