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Re: Aikido and Weapons: The Connection

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The classic techniques we find in Aikido are still VERY applicable in todays world. Their scope and reach is far from outdated. People still fight in much the same ways they did thousands of years ago, even with new technologies (like firearms).
I shall quibble with this above point. History is replete with examples of the 'classical' ways failing spectacularly when pitched against novel weaponry and/or tactics. Agincourt longbow and exploitation of terrain versus mounted cavalry in plate armour. Our minutemens guerilla tactics versus the red coats (apologies to Mr. Ellis) formations. Blitzkrieg. The methods of Boyd do tend to make a mockery of von Clausewitz. The principles at play in nikkyo are tortuously extrapolated to deploy against a cruise missile. Now, I'm as sentimental as the next but I'm also a pragmatist through and through. Let's be clear with ourselves that the practice of classical methods simply do not prepare one for general deployment in the modern era. Certainly there is some overlap, or better yet, intersection of skillsets but competence in one does not imply such in the other.

I will stipulate that one well versed in classical methods will take to modern training more readily and even progress more rapidly and result in a superior end product (at least that is my hope) so there most certainly is great value in study of the classics.

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