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2. - She is an UKE -
I have to be very careful when applying the technique: women don't like bruises very much... [/b][/quote]

Please do not generalize! I don't mind having bruises as long as they are not on my face (I work in customer service). What makes me angry is that people refuse to train properly with me because of prejudices like that. Ok I'm female and little, but I try to be serious with my practising. "I can't hit a woman" - kind of comment guarantees that I'll both throw harder and make locks more painful for that person. If someone is too hard on me, I can ask them to lighten. but most often my opponents treat me too gentle. Am I supposed to learn something like that?
I feel straight up offended by getting special treatment.
I just want to be respected as an aikidoka. Nothing more.

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