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goal setting

If you set a long term goal such as Shodan, or "complete mastery", whatever that means, you should try to set short term goals that will lead to that larger, distant goal. And these should be directly related to individual skills. By continuing to set these interim goals, one by one, you will accomplish several things:
1. You'll be taking responsibility for your own progress.
2. You'll feel as though you have more direction (something you're working toward).
3. You'll probably find other, more intrinsic rewards to your training than advancement in rank.
4. Your focus will be less on rank and more on how YOU are progressing in skill attainment.
Be sure not compare yourself too much with others in the class. You are beginning with the experience and abilities and lack thereof that are unique to you. You will also reach plateaus in your training, so certain skills may come easily and quickly and others will elude you. Don't get discouraged. Stay focused on the process and not on the end goal. Good luck to you!
janet dtantirojanarat

janet dtantirojanarat
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