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Originally posted by Norman
To fit a rigorous training schedule; Jogging daily, strength training every other day, and matrial training daily, what kinds of foods should I be looking for ?
I think what you wrote sounds pretty good. I think a diet is something that is very personal in that each person needs something different.

Some people seem to get along OK with the kind of diet you have. Others seem to function a lot better when they take out wheat/dairy/meat/etc from their diet. And so on.

I think the best diet is the one that makes you feel good throughout the day in all of your activities.


So I did some research, and found that there was an Aikido school in boston. Great !
There are actually a few good schools in the Boston area. You can look for them using the AikiWeb Dojo Search Engine. I've only trained at Shobu Aikido of Boston, but I've heard good things about New England Aikikai, too.

Let us know how your training goes!

-- Jun

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