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Re: Article: Clarity and Self-Delusion in One's Training by George S. Ledyard


Great article and a great discussion. I generally print out and carry around online articles and posts that really make me think and question my practice and thinking. This article was added to my big pile of George Ledyard articles.

First, a negative comment. I think that both Mr. Ledyard and David downplay the value of the "leaves" by the use of words such as "slacker" and "dabbling." Completely understandable from the standpoint of people trying to become "roots," but I wonder how this underlying belief effects the dojo structure.

Now with that slight comment out of my system, I have some questions for Mr. Ledyard or anyone with an opinion.

When do you think a student should begin to consciously consider at what level of commitment they intend to practice at? Of course this might change through the years, but when would it be good for the student to start considering it?

How should an instructor bring up the idea? Should he/she make the idea known in front of a class? To individual students? Maybe write it up and put into a newsletter?

Does a student even need to make a conscious commitment? Isn`t it obvious by the hours and effort they put in? My students are predominately Japanese. By saying something, I am sure that they are going to take it as "you all have to start training more seriously."

Thank you for the article,
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