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Alex Lee
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Re: Finding Jin in the weirdest places.

David Orange wrote: View Post
I think you could find a similar thing in a lot of people who do certain types of work. But isn't this a one-directional skill? I wouldn't think it would enable them to ground a push from the rear, for instance, though they might be able to shoot toward the rear and balance the force.


Yep you are right it is one-directional. Its not like I'm expecting 6 direction from some average joe. But its amazing that an average joe who most likely has no martial arts practice ended up using a stance thats very similar to a correct jin stance.

But it would not surprise me if you told him to shoot backwards from that stance, they'll be able to figure out how in few tries.

This stuff is very very basic and crude jin like things. But its interesting to see them out of a martial arts context. For those folks that have jin this is like telling people the sun rises every morning. But for those you dont it can be use as another way to look at the jin or grounding forces.
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