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Ki Symbol Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Jon,
While I agree with a few points in your blog I think that there is a place for the hobbyist in Aikido.If someone wants to use Aikido for fitness, health , emotional, meditative benefits why not?Aikido can also be used in a martial manner , but not everyone feels a need to be a top Aikidoka.Just the same as amateur boxers, not all of them want to be Mike Tyson for example.
Apart from that you need a core group of hobbyists to pay the bills.Thats why some dojos have children's classes or 'self defence/ conflict resolution class/or even therapeutic use of Aikido.
Personally I am happy if people find Aikido meaningful in their life however and whatever their motivation is for studying the Art
My question has always been how are any of the "other" benefits lost or in any way diminished if one simply strives to make their Aikido as street effective as their ability will allow. As far as the boxer, I am sure that simply by the nature of the art and the culture, I am sure that the boxer would be confident that it would work even if they have no aspirations of being a champion. In some Aikido dojos many Aikidoka don't even try to make "their" Aikido effective. What is the downside? One can still benefit from all the other applications, be a better person, ect, ect, ect. If it is a matter of fear, then just come out and say it and not couch in tangents?