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Re: Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.

Ledyard sensei, thank you very much! I know a lot more in my head than in my body. Looking at the vid was already kind of embarassing because I could see stuff wrong in addition to some glimpses of right. So yes, I know (in my head), and yes, I don't know yet (in my body)! But working on it. I'm already much better based on what I learned in this vid.

Tenyu- is it Soke or Kaiso? ;] He's not my training partner, just a video partner. But, I am really surprised to see you frown on the chaos-- exploring (requires experiencing) that was the whole point, and a common aikido uke would have smothered it with collusion. I was glad to see the forces move our bodies, without us drowning that out. And, as for my history, I have done mostly Iwama-influenced aikido since about 13 years ago. But this isn't that. This is new. I started a new direction 2 years ago. Anyway I am not a good student, so my training hours in 13 years only got me to 3rd kyu. So yeah, I am only BARELY your sempai! ;p

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You might also like to film 'the making contact' aspect i.e. start each attack before the hand to wrist contact.
Yup, exactly that is my next step. (In addition to cleaning up what I am already doing.) 100% agreed on the video usage comment, I am glad I did it. Thanks!
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