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Re: Aikido: more than a martial art?

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Well if you're happy training like that Alex and your dojo trains like that it's cool but that doesn't describe any aikido I've ever seen in Japan. Aikido techniques are not joint-breaking techniques and there are no jerking techniques in aikido. Judo has rules because of shiai. And even allowing for differences in teaching styles and personalities and abilities too most teachers I know more or less try to follow the aims of O Sensei.
The orginal name of rokkyo is "elbow smashing". You do do rokkyo don't you? Do you do ude kime "nage" also? Again lots of pressure on the elbow. Nikyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokyo, lots of pressure on joints. Kote gaeshi, same thing. Originally these are all joint breaking techniques.

Judo ends up doing by accident what we struggle to do deliberately, that's my point.
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