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Post Re: 47th All Japan Aikido Demonstration

It was fun, but I still can't believe I was the only one from AikiWeb there!

Unexpectedly, I didn't screw up like I did the last two times (save for throwing my partner into the guys on our left). But to balance that out, my partner screwed up this time. Heh.

As usual, I am disappointed that there aren't more randori or jiyuu waza being demonstrated by the higher levels. This time I only saw Moriteru giving a randori demonstration, but every throw was the same and it was over in about 10 seconds. Ah, well.

At least this year he didn't use the golden microphone. That just seemed a bit too pretentious.

But it's always great to see what others are doing and learn what I can. I hope more of you get a chance to participate or just enjoy from the stands next year.
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