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Re: Slow Japan

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Prof. Goldsbury,

I read Roads to Sata many years ago, I will get it again from the library the next time I am in and look for the other one as well.

I suspect that the documentary will not show anything new for those who know Japan well. However, what it will show will surely be beautiful. The film makers, whom I met by accident, are Italians living in Paris and have spent a lot of time in South America. They are multilingual, but sadly do not speak Japanese. They commented that it was difficult finding Japanese who could speak English well enough to be interviewed.

I do understand and believe that a high level of fluency is a necessary minimum requirement to an understanding of this country. Personally, I have found Thomas Cleary's book, The Japanese Art of War, to be very helpful. Your columns are another important source of information and thought.

I am curious as to why you did not find Alex Kerr's books to your liking? I found Of Dogs and Demons to be both depressing and gratifying, perhaps because I am tired of constantly hearing what a "nature" country Japan is.

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