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Re: Tenchi nage

David Valadez wrote: View Post
good the slow motion - 'ouch'.
also your full article was good as well.

again, thanks



p.s. I wanted to add that something just has become more clear to me.
In my mock test this past Tuesday, I wasnt sure what Tenchinage was at first...I actually started doing the move for gyaku hanmi ikkyo katate tori. (Just the first part.)

I know, sounds funny, but here is why I did it. I remember hearing the movement being called Tenchinage (the bit before you go into ikkyo from gyaku hami katate tori)...but now I believe it probably was that the instructor was trying to explain the hand movement is similar to Tenchinage. Remember Im learning in a language I dont really I do what I can.

Again, it would only really resemble Tenchinage, I guess, if you could do a strike to the face (atemi) which would have your hand up on the left and your arm (being held) down on the right...then you would move your free arm down to 'chop' ukes arm so you can take them into ikkyo.

Anyway, this is good stuff - nice to see how the puzzle goes together and to better understand whats happening in the dojo. - peace

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