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Jo talk

I have a two part question,

1, I bought my jo from a little knife shop about a year and a half ago and it was laquerd, i asked my sensei and he told me to take like a 200 grit to it sand off all the laquer and then he gave me a mixture to use to stain it, it was tung oil and beezwax, i used maybe a shot glass or two of oil, and maybe a 3/4ths of an inch square of wax, it seemed to of worked well i only applied one layer, but i was wondering what other people do? i htink i need to refinish mine again, also we usually practice jo after regular class and were all sweaty and my hand wont slide on it well at all at that point, and if anyone knows of a mixture that could counter act that, it would be great 6'4" tall and the jo i bought is a little big bigger than the average one, im not sure of the measurements, but standing up right, it fits into my armpit, but not real comfortably, but im considering shaving off about 5 inches off it, i think that would drop it down to about average size, and i only trained with this one before untill one class i forgot it and used one of the dojo ones that was average and it felt alot better, i was wondering if any other tall people had problems with this
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