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Re: A question of style

Take this with a Grain of Salt - as I am a current BJJ'er I want to point out that it is a sport. Putting someone in your guard for example might not be the soundest choice of self defense though something as obvious as a rear naked choke might be for example. I do agree that there are arts out there far better than Aikido for self defense ( Krav Maga, Judo, Thai boxing, Kickboxing and so on).

However ... I am a firm believer that the best "style" of martial arts for self defense is the one you enjoy doing and putting the most time in ... even if it is something like Yang Style Tai Chi.YMMV. Taking up Muay Thai for self defense does not work effectively if you never go to class because you do not like getting punched in the face. You wont learn anything there either.



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