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Re: Beautiful Uke

Alex Megann wrote: View Post
You mean this kind of thing?

I have the highest regard for Takeda Sensei, but I understand that in his school (Aikido Kenkyukai) ukes are encouraged to be extremely responsive, for better or for worse. In this clip, at least, I see lots of beautiful flying through the air, but a shortage of actual attacks that you would have to get out of the way of...

If these are genuine attacks I am a Dutchman.This sort of thing gives aikido a bad name.No wonder the other M.A. fraternity think we are all delusional doing this sort of attack.If I had to do this type of attack?? to my own TechnicalDirector, what do you think would be the response?I would be chastised and rightly so.
Cheers, Joe.
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