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Re: Jan Hermansson Videos

He may very well be an amazing Aikidoka, I've never met him, heard about him, or read about him, so I wouldn't know. But whether he's lived a hard life, or studied Aikido for a long time, really has nothing to do with whether his techniques are good or not, or whether people should respect him (in the Aikido context) or not. I don't see the relevance why people should bring that up.

From the video though, you can't tell much either, because the Uke's were basically falling clowns. Heck, at one point, Uke stops attack mid way when it becomes clear that wasn't what he wanted, then just stands there, gets pushed in the back, and makes an overdramatic fall into the other Uke.

I won't say anything about him or the techniques, I don't really have the qualifications to do that, but for that specific video, it was a poor show.
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