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Ray Kissane
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Originally posted by aikilouis
I'd like to ask the instructors reading if they'd take the responsibility to teach techniques specifically designed to disarm a gunman. What would be their reaction if one of their students was killed trying to do that.
I teach the hand gun disarming so that the students have the ablity to know what to do in a stituation where a gun is involved. I do not want someone to try and take a gun away from someone without any training.

I have seen to many news clips where a good samaritan has been killed because they tried to take a gun away from someone. If they would of had some training they would of had the knowledge for the given situation to determine if it would even be feasible to get to the gun hand.

I know people who have been in this situations where guns have been pulled. One was an instructor in our dojo. A gun was taken off of a gaurd by a mental patient. He had the knowledge of what to do and what impact his action would have on others. Based on that knowledge he choose not to do anything because of the other people in the area would be endangered. He new that the police would be able to apprehend this person quickly and that nobodies life was at stake.

In anouther instance a guy was car jacked. This person felt his life was endangered so he had to take action. He was able to drive away with his car and the gun.

I think we all need some training just so that we understand what our limitations are. In the bigger cities they may not only rob you but shoot you too, what would you do?

Ray Kissane
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