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Krystal Locke
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Re: Macrobiotic Diet

I lift weights to supplement my aikido. I find the exercise very helpful. My legs are chronically weak due to severe arthritis in my knees. I can control my weight lifting form to strengthen the leg muscles that protect my knees, and to strengthen my upper body, upon which I have transferred some of the load of just getting up off the mat. I also work my upper body with weights to maintain strength in the shoulder I dislocated.

I also just like being stronger. I like being the girl that the guys ask to open the jar. I enjoy the ability to pick up a bucket of compost and take it out to the front raised beds. I like having the choice of grabbing the new guy's wrist with just enough force that he has to think and feel and look for just a moment to find the easy place or putting enough of a clamp on a godan's wrist that they have something to work with and think and feel and look for just a moment to find the easy place.

Stabilizing my core with weight training has really helped me with balance and groundedness. And gf digs my deltoids and triceps, when I have them.
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