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graham christian
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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Ki is Ki - there are no different types of ki. However, there are many applications of ki where kiatsu is one application and ki in a martial technique is another.

I am familiar with kiatsu as taught by Koretoshi Maruyama and I am also familiar with the application of ki in Dan's exercises - same ki in both, just different uses.

Greg. This isn't a competition. I am merely answering a question.

As I said I am not interested in plays on words either. Usages. Yes that's yet another aspect of Ki developement. But for me saying there is only one Ki is like saying there is only one type of wood, there is only one type of water, there is only one type of light.

From one angle it is true yet on further inspection there are many differences.

That's all. G.
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