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Re: Strength vs Ki.

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Now that would mean I have to write a book Dan. Before we get into any play on words however let me say you could look at it as different aspects of Ki.

However, I prefer different types of Ki.

Remember also we have different frames of reference as you wisely spotted.

Now, purely to show one difference which many people doing Aikido are unaware of and some may even disbelieve is Kiatsu. Healing Ki or you could say using Ki to induce the Ki of another to heal.

It's very soft and yet powerful, done with the tips of the fingers generally without pressure and so cannot be equated with shiatsu or acupressure for example or even what I see called by many to be Reiki.

Add to that your approach is from a physical combative approach and my approach is from a purely spiritual non.competitive way.

Thus from a spiritual point of view there are many, many differences.

Ki is Ki - there are no different types of ki. However, there are many applications of ki where kiatsu is one application and ki in a martial technique is another.

I am familiar with kiatsu as taught by Koretoshi Maruyama and I am also familiar with the application of ki in Dan's exercises - same ki in both, just different uses.

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