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Re: Strength vs Ki.

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To be fair, I have yet to see, feel, or meet an Aikido or Daito ryu person of any rank who both understands and can do, what I just said to you to the level I am talking about. I'm not saying they don't exist, I just have never seen it.
I was at an Okamoto sensei seminar where I saw him do the same drill in Shioda's video. This was not a demo during the seminar but an impromptu thing during lunch. Four of us were sitting on a bench and a fifth person was standing in front of Okamoto. He had the two people on either side of him ( I was sitting next to one of those guys) grab his arms like in the video and then had the guy standing grab his gi. The only difference from the video was that he locked up each as they touched him and he did not wait until all three grabbed him, also his movement was much smaller than Shioda's.

Now I can not attest to the level of Okamoto's skill from my limited exposure to him (I am sure it is not low), but maybe those three fellows that grabbed him can. The two guys that grabbed his arms you know very well, their initials are HP and JD - maybe you can ask them the next time you see them

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