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Questionable Content

A couple times a year we have the odd seminar and we like to take pictures and post them on the dojo's web site. People like to see pictures of themselves having fun and I think of it as a bit of an advertising thing. It shows us as active and doing things. And we get letters from people who have moved away telling us how much they like the pictures.

Mary Heiny sensei requests that we not show any pictures of her teaching and we respect that. She doesn't want anything out there that shows her demonstrating the incorrect way of doing some technique.

But digital cameras are really cool and we've started taking some video clips. We've posted a few in the past but at the most recent seminar we got a number of really good ones. Some are perhaps valuable for studying. The catch is that this sensei sells videos of his teaching.

So where is the line here? Photos might be out without prior approval except that it's pretty obvious that pictures are being taken. Objections are welcomed and heeded. Video isn't so clear these days but then these days nothing is private. And then we have to ask ourselves, Who owns the intellectual property that is the seminar?
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