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Re: why focus on internal power

Honestly, I basically started Aikido to get out of the house and to focus my life when I was 21 ( yeah, I was a homebody even then!).
So every 'ki' / 'spritual'" bell or whistle that ever sounded internally or externally came of it's own accord and can be explained only by the name, Practice. I practiced, I learned, now there are labels for what I felt. whether they apply here or whether they apply to ki and spirituality is for someone else to parse, and it is simply for me to continue to practice and to feel and to recognize transitions inside and outside as an element of the path. I can guess, since this stuff had no name and no obvious expression in my life at the point I began aikido, that it emerged in the practice itself.But, maybe not. Either way, I still got it, get it, and am inspired of it.
that's me.

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