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Re: Another New Student

We had a guy in my old dojo. He had severe health problems (spine, bladder, etc) and he had no self confidence what so ever. He didn't want to be touched and he didn't even want to be acknowledged. For the first few months, within a few minutes of class, he would walk off the mat whenever he felt like it and sit off to the side. He would not step back on the mat for the rest of the class. He kept showing up though (mainly because his mom and grandmother made him).

Slowly but surely, he got more self confidence and he stayed on the mat longer. Eventually, he would work with people. He ended up quiting after making yellow belt. One day in school, he got beat up by a bunch of kids. They pushed him down to the floor and were kicking and punching him. He was okay because he knew how to fall and he used our "cover position" which one arm covers your spine and the other is up to protect your face/head.

All of this was caught on video and they said if it weren't for that little bit of training he had, he would have been injured pretty bad because of how easily his body can be damaged. Every little bit helps!

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