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Spiritual Principles of Centre.

Been a long time since I started a thread. Yo missed me? ha, ha. So, time for some more spiritual side of Aikido, along with perspective of course, given in my usual fashion.

I like to translate what many consider complex and even mystical or highly debated terms into simple understandable things. So here I am going to give one principle of centre and hope for some it will explain something they may have found difficult to grasp.

I am going to talk about centre and yin and yang and the phenomenon of centripetal force.

So simply put there is a centre point. Now if we apply the yin and yang concept here we see energy attracted into it and energy given out from it. Expansion-Contraction, Outflow-Inflow. Yo get the picture.

Just understanding that can help taking some significance away from the practice of breathing techniques and show you what basically the breathing is leading you to recognize.

Now to Ki. You have read about if not practiced 'flowing Ki'. For Aikido is based on universal spiritual principles which means spiritual, underlying principles which apply to everything. Thus yin and yang. Thus also naturally Ki flows in and out. So if you could align with the Ki flowing into centre and even utilize it you would be 'drawing' someone in if you did so in Aikido for example.

Now I have seen comments questioning why a person in Aikido hold out their arm, offers their wrist so that the uke attacks it, runs and grabs it. Many think this is strange and others think it's not 'real' and all kinds of assumptions can be made about the why of doing so. Well, you don't have to do that as the whole of Aikido practice but it is a very important part if the why is understood.

But first let's jump now to centripetal force. Physically it's equated with a turning motion as is centrifugal force so it's good to look at where you have seen it in operation in Aikido. A turning movement where the uke is also drawn in. A complete Iriminage would be a good example. So you can see that whilst turning the centripetal force principle should be the one being used.

So what is this principle in its everyday simplistic form? It's a spiritual principle and one you can easily equate as a mental one if that makes you feel more comfortable. It's the same one that should be used when 'holding your arm out' for your wrist to be attacked. Thus it becomes a discipline. A focus. The practice of which aligns you with the principle.

The principle is very simple and common, it is Invitation. The principle Invite.

When you invite you are spiritually aligning yourself with the inflowing Ki of centre.

It's so simple yet there you have it. That's spiritual minus the mysticism. Then it's down to practice and polishing for only when the invite is pure will it be irresistible.

Have fun.

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