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Re: YouTube: Aikido in War

Storm Rhode wrote: View Post
That was pretty awesome. I enjoyed that a lot. : )

(my comment on youtube: Contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, I found that this offered a side of the martial art that is seldom displayed and it was really neat to see it portrayed like this.

People should keep in mind that they're are different styles of Aikido, some more combat-oriented than others.

I've never seen a large-scale "Aikido display" like this and I thought it was very interesting and for the most part, pretty well done. It actually showed how Aikido concepts can apply in such a situation.)
It shows how it can work if your opponents are a) incredibly lousy and slow sword fighters/martial artists who leave themselves full of openings all the time, b) clearly don't have the slightest intention of killing you, c) honorable warriors who would never, ever backstab anyone because that's "so not cool".

All in all, good demonstration but if you want aikido on a battlefield, I think you're better off watching "the last samurai".
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