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Wink Re: Learning by teaching

Both my former Karate instructor and my Aikido instructor are for Senpais teaching Kohais. Of course, Sensei will ask Senpai to teach something that they do well, and a lot of martial artists agree that it helps one perfect their technique. By teaching, you see the beginner's mistakes, wich makes you more careful about your own techniques. and it forces an advanced student to make a careful review of a basic technique, wich can never hurt. It also gives a shy student some self confidence. I once saw Sensei give a brown belt some hard time because of a faulty technique. Senpai looked a bit shaken. Then, Sensei asked him to teach me something. Now, I could see Senpai's face lighten up, as he guided me through my own training. And, of course, after letting Senpai spend some time with a white belt, Sensei will ask Kohai to show what he has learned from Senpai. So Senpai needs to make sure that he teaches the best that he can.
So, more refined techniques, more self confidence, I think that there is a lot to learn through teaching.
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