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Gerardo Torres
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Re: to ki or not to ki

"How can you have mind and body co-ordination when you are thinking about every move you make?"

"To have ki the mind has to shut off judgement and just move with the body."

I have the exact opposite experience. The most compelling ki and aiki I've felt was from practitioners who used very focused thought-driven movement to perform an action. Likewise, I've had the most success in aikido when my mind is at its most focused state.

Not saying the "empty mind" approach is without merits -- I've met people who have gained various benefits this way, it's just that for this approach to work it needs more cooperation from an opponent, at least IME. Given this is Budo, it all comes down to what works, and what works better. So I'd say that it doesn't matter whether a practitioner is thinking too much or not at all, but how effective his or her stuff is.
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