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On Knotting

When asked what Akido is based upon, under a technical point of view, we at times hear as an answer: leverages and projections. That is, for instance there is no tsuki...
It is a fair answer, IMHO.

Yet at a second look, those are not the kernel of Aikido techniques, but a consequence.

It is in fact too easily dissimulated, in daily practice, what we are really doing: actually, we are making knots.

Leverages and projections are a consequence of the fact that on an arm, a wrist, and an elbow a knot cannot really be performed.

When the attempt of making a knot meets the resistance of the medium, the leverage or projection ensues as a consequence, not as the goal - the dissimulated goal, or the proxy, was an attempt to knot an arm.

This is, spiritually, less immaterial than one may think.
Go to the menu scrolling one or two pages and click on "Solve and Coagula" which is the ancient Latin for "dissolve and bind".

The key that open or closes.
The knot that may bind and unbind.
The solution that may coagulate or liquify.

It is, also, my contention that the Hebrew letter that represent fighting is the Lamed (I derive this allegation of myne from the fact it's the starting letter of Psalm 144). It seems, indeed, a rope. Besides, the Lamed is the L - in Italian at least "laccio" means exactly knot - whence the Anglo-saxon and Spanish "lazo".

This leads to an implication: attempt a knot whatever, it will evolve into a technique. Attempt unbinding a knot whatever, it will evolve into a projection.

There isn't much difference between tying your shoes and making a kotegaeshi: same gesture. A shiho nage transition to ikkyo, is indeed a knot where the rope is an arm.
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