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Re: Would you kill someone using Aikido if you had to.

Sorry did not mean to misquote you.

I am sure if we were having this conversation face to face that it would be easier for us to understand each other and work through this. As such, I think we are probably splitting hairs...but hey this is what aikiweb is for!

Anyway. I am a little sensitive to the inference that a "martial professional" can ease his conscience, absolve his actions, or fall back on to the "system" to accept responsibility or absorb "guilt".

This is why we have things such as PTSD.

I think were you and I are splitting hairs is here: Societal acceptance and justification vice Personal.

Yes, I agree, that there might be more latitude within the norms of a military/police situation.

If I killed someone in Iraq there might be less "red tape" that I'd have to go through than if I killed some one in house in the States. Absolutely.

This is why I was very specific about pointing out that the SITUTATION is different.

On an personal, spiritual, moral level though...the thought process, actions, decisions are EXACTLY the same.

Killing someone is killing someone. The karma of it is no different because of situatonal/societal parameters.

A Soldier is no less a human being or person than the next one.

This is why are having such a hard time with PSTD and what not.

Soldiers and police officers return home or return to duty and we say "well, it's is a part of their job" and assume that they have the luxury of societal justification, when in fact they still struggle with the actions that they chose.

Again, I think face to face we'd be able to work this out and understand each others angle on the same issue.

Appreciate your patience and taking the time to discuss!

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