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Re: Would you kill someone using Aikido if you had to.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Civilian, military or Police...there is no difference I believe in the core of it all.
I can't totally agree with this statement. LE and military have the luxury, if you can call it that, of entitlement, in that the possible use of deadly force is acknowledged as "coming with the territory", as well as a chain of command within their systems that inherits some of the responsibility for their actions. A civilian does not have this. Nor does he necessarily have the focused and proper training to use arbitrary judgment as to whether or not to take a life. That is certainly not required learning in the majority of dojos I have been exposed to. Therefore, the civilian must look to his own moral compass in the midst of a chaotic event, and it will certainly lead to more frequent occurrences of hesitation or incorrect decisions than would happen with a "professional" budoka acting within the purview of his office. And a civilian alone will have to bear the consequences if judgment is flawed. There is no impunity whatsoever. Hopefully, the results work out similarly, but the mechanism is different, so I think it would be presumptuous to say there's no difference. Otherwise, I think we can agree on most of it.
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