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Re: Would you kill someone using Aikido if you had to.

This post makes me think of a story I was told by one of my students. It's a real life story and the details may be a bit twisted but I will do my best to keep it accurate as told to me.

A man sleeping in bed with his wife one night hears someone entering their house. He goes to find out what is going on, only to find a man wielding a knife at him. The criminal (using a knife) ties the man up and rapes his wife while the husband watches, beats her up and leaves her for dead and then beats and kills the husband. Again the criminal left the wife for dead but she did not die.

My question is this: wouldn't it have not been better for the husband to at least try to defend himself and the wife? Or at least allow for the wife to escape even if it did cost him his life?

I think the "What if's" should be in our minds when we train.

What if that were me?
What might I do?
What would I want to do?

And train your body, spirit and mind accordingly.

God bless and good night. I pray that none of us have to face these situations, and I pray that God would especially keep us safe during the holiday seasons and the days afterwards as well.

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