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Originally posted by taro

By the way, you mentioned Shodokan. Isn't that a form of karate? Or is that another branch of aikido I'm unfamiliar with?
The style of karate you're thinking of is 'Shotokan' with a 't'.

Shodokan is another name for 'Tomiki-style' aikido. It would be rather arrogant (particularly in japanese culture) to name a style after yourself, so Tomiki sensei himself never talked about 'Tomiki-style' aikido.

When he founded his dojo in Osaka, he called it the 'Shodokan', and that also became the name for the style. (The same way that 'Aikikai' or 'Yoshinkan' are used to refer to either the style of aikido, or the honbu dojo for that style.)

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