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Mike Sigman
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Re: Chi/Ki Video: Thoughts?

Paul Nowicki wrote:
Reminds me of Yellow Bamboo....I studies Wing Chun with an exceptional teacher and never seen anything like that except for the Yellow Bamboo folks...
Yeah, well if you got on one of their forums and said that (the obvious), you'd be severely chastised for not conforming to the accepted beliefs and for not pumping air into the tires of your fellow believers!!!

I often think of some martial styles as being "filters" and some teachers also acting as "filters". Students come through the schools and in many cases the more serious people look around and leave... the wannabelieves stay, adopt the de rigeur costumes and mannerisms and foreign words, etc. In the case of these schools where they are trying to show the "external qi" (or "emitted qi"), you can always bet that the school is populated with "wannabelieves". I can think of about 10 schools offhand where this sort of stuff is part of the curriculum. When I ask them to demonstrate it to me, they either refuse or they give it a try while I stand there with a bored look on my face.... I am almost always then told that I am "not sensitive enough" for their qi to affect me. Lessee now..... should I put off any would-be muggers and tell them to go get sensitized so I can whip their butts at a distance??? I don't think they'll go for it, to be honest.

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