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Re: Article: An Aikido Journey: Part 3 by Peter Goldsbury

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
Thank you Peter, very interesting stuff, indeed.
Do you have an idea, when sensei started to develop those techniques, --goshi(i.e. udemaki hajikigoshi), and –otoshi(i.e. maki otoshi, tai otoshi)?

I saw a demo about 1974, classic aikikai hombu style started to change, we can see more personal style.

How about visiting other dojo/styles? Could you go to practice with other shihans?
Hello Szczepan,

I thought I had replied to your last post, but I hadn't. Apologies.

I have seen some of the tapes that Kanai Sensei made, long after I left the US. We practised some of the techniques you mention, but we always practised these as 'kokyu-nage'. When I was there Sensei did not care so much about names for the techniques he showed.

I think that one of the values of the Aikikai, as interpreted by Kisshomaru Doshu, is that it was not a style in any sense of the word. So the 'style' of Chiba, Kanai, Tohei Akira, and Yamada were all different and even Kisshomaru Doshu's large circles were hardly ever copied. Kanai Sensei's trademark was koshiwaza and seemingly impossible ouyou-waza. I have never seen any of the other three shihans do the kind of waza that Kanai Sensei did. But Chiba Sensei did things that I never saw Kanai Sensei do, like playing cat and mouse with his ukes, which is something I saw much later and experienced first hand from Yamaguchi Sensei.

I trained in the NE Aikikai before Sensei was ill and so I have little experience of Kanai Sensei's aikido since then. I visited the new dojo once since then, in the early 80s. I trained with a lady named Gilda, who was a NEA member when I was there.

Have you met or practised with any of the other NE Aikikai 'stalwarts' who were active then I was there? Here are some more names (some might have changed owing to marriage etc):
Fred Wagstaff (When I met Yamada Sensei recently, he told me he had died);
Fred Newconb;
Paul Keelan;
Jay (surname I forget; he moved to New Mexico);
Lou Periello;
Steve Carrabino (he was a high school student);
Eliot Seligson;
The Wakslers;
Carol (again, surname forgotten: she was a brilliant uke and went to live in the Findhorn community in Scotland);
Marjorie Chasset (wonderful koshi-nage);
Sharon Mann (nicknamed the 'two hips of death' [for her irimi-nage]; went into movie production);
Frank Regan (when I was there, Frank was a 1st kyu like Eliot and myself. I believe he also has died);
Michael Langford, who ran his own dojo in Newfoundland (I think) and used to visit occasionally;
Bruce Stiles (who lived in Toronto);
Max (aka M di Villadorata): another occasional visitor from Montreal.

Best regards,

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