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ahh... while I would agree with you Jun that it would be outrageously poor etiquette to turn up to a dojo without previous contact, having a field that says (for example) "Drop-in visit charge:" would enable someone without a lot of money to distinguish whether a dojo is going to let you in or not, quickly. Of course a phone call, personally addressed email or even a letter will find out the same information - over a longer period of time.

And I don't want to knock those dojos who won't allow a drop-in visit because they're too afraid of the insurance/liability issues, that's okay too. If the "Drop-in visit charge" field said "Free - but visitors must be members of X Aikido Federation" then clearly I can save myself the time of visiting their website/dojo.

As a further example I see that a particular San Francisco dojo charges US$10 for drop-in visitors. If you convert that to AU$ we're talking almost a month's worth of training fees at our Perth dojo. Students who are planning a cheap holiday may not be able to afford this. I suspect that they would be discouraged to train in San Franciscan aikido at all, because the dojos which are free don't normally advertise this - people only see the commercial dojos' drop-in fees and become wary of all dojos in that area.

At the moment I'm on the management committee of for our dojo, and I figure if someone has paid to come all the way out to Perth Western Australia we shouldn't burden them any further with fees.

If there was a field for people to announce that they didn't charge (or charged $X) for drop in visitors, I suspect people would be encouraged to cross-train, or at least be prepared for whatever fees are levied on them.

geez that was a lot of text, huh? Anyway Jun your dojo database is great as it is, and I'm only suggesting an improvement. (it would be cool to search on dojos in California with drop in fees < $10!)

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