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I'm fron the same dojo as the user who started this thread. I have to be! and let me just say good for you ! it's about time someone had the courage to speak out about this debacle!

This matter is truly upsetting. I too have been studying a few years and have paid USAF membership dues. However, I never received an Membership # or card.

When we were to test the CI would verbally list the fees i.e. somuch for the seminar, so much for a testing fee and $$YEARLY DUES TO THE FEDERATION. Now, when the students inquire on how to make out thier payments the CI would say.. "ah.. just put it all on one check and make it out to the dojo, I'll take care of the rest." What is even ore upsettign is that due to the nature of the relationship some of the students paid cash.

Now here is the deal, this is not about rank, this is not about proving my skill level, this is about being taken advantage of by your chief instructor, someone you call "Sensei" that is supposed to mean something, isn't it. Not simply that "absolute power corrupts absolutly"

A lot of us are moving on now that we have options but should the CI not have to answer for his abuse of his position???
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