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Ai symbol Re: Sensei Steven Seagal's ?

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Masterblaster (1987)


The national 'Gotcha' championship brings a variety of queer fellows together. A Vietnam veteran always looking for adventure, a female police officer with a trauma, because she once could not shoot in the right moment, a Japanese martial-arts master always looking for the opportunity to train his skills as well as some people who wish nothing more as to get the 50,000 dollars which await the winner. All in all it could be an exciting weekend, when suddenly the game becomes reality as someone is shooting live rounds.

Yoshimitsu Yamada as Yamada the Japanese martial-arts master.

I stand corrected 1000%! Yamada sensei appeared in a movie, what,..... 24 years ago that I am willing to bet 98% on the people on this board have never ever heard of let alone let alone serve as a sufficient basis to judge (as if any of us are qualified to begin with) his skill by-assuming we are use movies to do so.

However, my original point is still valid, the appearance/ or lack of one in a movie ( I guess that I will have to have someone-ha ha- appropriate-I am not sure who, it won't be me. I have way way too much respect for him, having been thrown by him, seen him in action, and will be testing for Sandan in front of him-question Saotome sensei about his abilities and titles given has not appeared in a movie)............ is irrelevant.

In Seagal sensei's case (as in any other) if Hombu says you are a (x) dan rank than you are, especially by 7th dan. Of course we can get into rank inflation, evey dojo/ organization having different standards but by that point I don't believe the guys with collectively hundreds, if not thousand of years experience at Hombu would sign off on someone (especially non-japanese) for 7th dan unless the goods were there.

As to the point made that one could argue that attacks are choreographed if is predicted or coached from uke-well that is the essence of many a criticism of the Aikido community and its training methods at least that I have heard by those outside of it. However, in my opinion even if one chooses to dismiss Seagal sensei's demonstrations in the Path Beyond Thought as predictable and choreographed-which seems to me very difficult as a whole to do when one watches it, the randori Seagal sensei demonstrates seems quite impressive.
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