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Re: Aikikai/Yoshinkan


I was just informed by another Aikiweb member, with direct ties to Yoshinkan Honbu) that much of what I described above is a bit off what is being taught by Y. Shioda Sensei. My knowledge base is closer to Yoshokai and Chudokai offshoots of Yoshinkai's aikido which dates to what was being taught at Yoshinkan Honbu around 1963-1973, when Kushida Sensei left for the US. I suspect Yukio Utada Sensei may have similar curriculum in his Aikido Association of North America (AANA), as he is from the same time period, but I have no personal experience with that group yet so I really have no idea. Maybe this is something Mr. Tisdale could clarify? Sorry for any confusion. Anyway, to make a long story a little longer, there are rather noticeable differences between most of the Aikikai styles and most of the Yoshinkan styles!

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